LogDNA Release Notes, March 18th, 2021

6 months ago by LogDNA

LogDNA Web Application
LogDNA Agent
LogDNA Ingestion Integrations

LogDNA Web Application, version 4.67.2


  • Our web application UI now provides a way for customers to enter a full billing address. When logging in, Owners and Admins of an organization will see a one-time pop-up message asking that they add their billing address. Owners and Admins will receive a follow-up email about this change. [LOG-7821]

Fixed Issues

  • Improved search results return speed; decreasing the max delay for recursive searching resulted in a moderately faster search response in the web application UI. [LOG-9116]

  • We modified the placement of the Edit icon's tooltip on the Boards page of the UI to display beneath the icon. Previously, the tooltip displayed to the left of the icon and obscured the board name. [LOG-8759]

  • Our "in-app" documentation (which displays in the web application) about adding a log source now accurately shows that we deprecated support for Kubernetes 1.8 and earlier versions. [LOG-8745]

LogDNA Agent

For the most recent release information about the LogDNA Agent, refer to agent-specific Release Notes.

LogDNA Integrations

There are no external-facing changes to our LogDNA integrations in this release.


There are no external-facing changes to our LogDNA APIs in this release.