Browser Logger Template

Use the LogDNA Browser Logger integration combined with this Template to get trends and break down browser-side errors by error message, OS, browser version and more. Compatible with errors and logs captured by LogDNA Browser Logger. Interested in other Templates? Browse the full library of LogDNA Templates.

What is in the Browser Logger Template?

The Browser Logger Template consists of a collection of pre-configured Views, Boards, and Screens.


  1. All Messages
    • View all messages sent by the Browser Logger
  2. Errors
    • All error-level logs captured by the Browser Logger, including uncaught exceptions.


  1. Analytics
    • View trends of errors over time, expand Subplots to view breakdowns by OS, browser version, error message. Use Board Filters to target a specific error.


  1. Error Analytics
    • Get top error messages, week over week trends of errors, and more.

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Browser Logger Template

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