Community-built Code Libraries

Check out these code library integrations built by community members.

Using a code library to integrate with LogDNA is a useful and typical method for ingesting log files into LogDNA from applications, hosts, and other sources. We are happy to list these contributions from our community members.

We welcome additional contributions! Please be sure that your repo has a thorough Readme file, with information about the integration, how to use it, verification steps, and any further information that users might need.

We also encourage any community member building integrations to post about it in the LogDNA community forum in the open-source section.

To list your contribution here, use the Suggest Edits option in the upper right corner of this page, and add your information to the table. Your repository, Readme file, and source will be reviewed, and if it is approved, we will publish the updated page with your contribution listed in the table.

Note that LogDNA does not support or provide documentation about these community code libraries.

Unofficial Code Libraries and Integrations

Go-LangCommunity member @ctrlrsf has written an unofficial Go-lang library for ingestion against our REST API.
Go LogrusCommunity member [@drdaeman] has built a Go-lang library for ingesting from Logrus.
JavaCommunity members @robshep and @zileo-net have written unofficial Java logback libraries for ingestion via our ingestion API, including metadata support for MDC.
PHPCommunity member @nvanheuverzwijn has written an unofficial PHP monolog library for ingestion.
iOSThe good folks at @iosphere have written an unofficial iOS framework for ingestion.
AndroidCommunity member @mazenrashed has written an unofficial Android client.
FlutterCommunity member @aligorithm has written an unofficial Flutter library for ingestion against our REST API.
LogstashUnofficial Logstash output plugin for LogDNA.
WIX AdapterUnofficial WIX logging adapter for LogDNA developed by @braxtonj.
.NET 2.0Community member @RedBearSys has written an unofficial .NET 2.0 logging client for LogDNA.
.NET 2.0/4.0 + Log4NetCommunity member @landbird111 has written an unofficial Log4Net appender for .NET 2.0 and 4.0.
Log4JCommunity member @trygve-lie has created an abstract logger that allows routing Log4J logs to LogDNA.
ElixrCommunity member @timsu developed a gist for sending Elixr logs to LogDNA.
FastlyFastly developed integration to stream logs to LogDNA via Syslog and a customizable structure.