Learn how to install and get setup to start sending Fluentd logs to LogDNA's cloud logging system.

Use the LogDNA Fluentd plugin to send your Fluentd logs to LogDNA.

1. Install Fluentd.

2. Install the LogDNA Fluentd plugin with:

sudo gem install fluent-plugin-logdna

Or, install via td-agent:

sudo td-agent-gem install fluent-plugin-logdna

3. Add the contents below to /etc/fluent/fluent.conf. For td-agent, use /etc/td-agent/td-agent.conf

<match your_match>
  type logdna
  api_key YOUR_INGESTION_KEY_HERE # replace with your Ingestion Key (required)
  hostname my_hostname      # replace with your hostname (required)
  mac C0:FF:EE:C0:FF:       # replace with host mac address
  ip              # replace with host ip address
  app my_app                # replace with your app name

4. Restart Fluentd using your init script. For td-agent use:

sudo /etc/init.d/td-agent restart

For more detailed information regarding the Fluentd plugin and configuration options, check out our Github repo.