API, Ingestion, and Service Keys

Managing API Keys

API keys are used to connect LogDNA to third-party applications and services. They allow programs such as log collectors to authenticate with LogDNA without requiring you to share your account details.

Note: Anyone who has access to your API keys can send or retrieve logs to or from your account with no additional authentication. Be sure to keep your API keys secret.

To access your API keys, open the Manage Organization page and select API Keys. There are two types of keys you can manage.

  • Ingestion Keys - used for connecting to a host/source and send log data to LogDNA
  • Service Keys - used by our APIs (and consumers of our public APIs) to authorize and facilitate the exchange of data via API calls.

Ingestion Keys

Ingestion keys are used to send log data to LogDNA. It can be used by log collectors such as the LogDNA agent to send logs to your LogDNA Organization. it is also used for the Ingest API. You can have up to 10 ingestion keys active at a time.

Service Keys

Service keys are commonly used to retrieve logs via the LogDNA API endpoints for Export, and to manage LogDNA Views, Alerts, and other configuration objects using the Configuration endpoints. You can have up to 20 service keys active at a time.

Using the keys

To access your API keys, open Organization > API Keys in the web app UI.

To add ingestion keys click "Generate Ingestion Key" up 10 ingestion keys. Similarly, you can add service keys by clicking "Generate Service Key" for up to 20 service keys. Each key can be removed by clicking on the "x" next to the key. Note that any applications actively using this key will no longer be able to send logs to your Organization.

You can edit the name of each key, to provide a custom label.