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About the LogDNA Browser Logger

The LogDNA Browser Logger was built to enable the collection of front-end, browser-based errors and logs via LogDNA, and display them in the Log Viewer. Use the Browser Logger to track user events, correlate logs and errors in a single session, and aggregate and alert on frontend errors and message to detect spikes in errors related to deployment version or browser compatibility. You can control log volume by configuring settings for client-side log sampling.

Developers can correlate front-end errors with server side events by viewing both browser-generated logs and server-side logs, together in the LogDNA Log Viewer. To implement this fullstack logging and debugging configuration, you can use an API or other ingestion method to collect server-side logs, generate a session_id for tracking those logs, and then expose that session_id to their front end applications. Finally, configure LogDNA Browser Logger to use that session id to correlate backend logs to front end logs and display them together.

Pre-built Templates

The LogDNA Browser Logger includes templates to create out-of-the-box Views, Boards, and Screens to analyze your browser logs. After installing the browser logger component, you can download and import the Template.

Supported Browsers

  • Chrome version 42 +
  • Firefox version 39 +
  • Safari version 10.1 +
  • Edge 14 +

Using the LogDNA Browser Logger

Getting Started

Installing via NPM:

npm install @logdna/browser

Installing via Yarn:

yarn add @logdna/browser

To read more installation and configuration instructions, and to see the full set of options and learn more about using LogDNA Browser Logger, read the documentation in the in GitHub. We welcome contributions!