LogDNA Agent for MacOS

How it Works

The LogDNA agent authenticates using your LogDNA Ingestion Key and opens a secure web socket to LogDNA's ingestion servers. The agent reads the directories that you specify for new log data and then sends the log lines to the LogDNA web application.

How to install using your terminal or shell

To install the agent, use the code block below. Select the tab for your OS and copy/paste the code into your terminal or shell. Replace the variables with specific values:

  • your organization's ingestion key
  • the paths to the specific directories from where you want to ingest logs.
brew update
brew install --cask logdna-agent
sudo logdna-agent -k <YOUR INGESTION KEY HERE> # this is your unique Ingestion Key
# /var/log is monitored/added by default (recursively), optionally add more dirs with:
# sudo logdna-agent -d /path/to/log/folders
# You can configure the agent to tag your hosts with:
# sudo logdna-agent -t mytag,myothertag
# Optional: Have logdna-agent always run in the background
sudo launchctl load -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.logdna.logdna-agent.plist