LogDNA Agent v2 (Openshift, Linux & Kubernetes Logging Agent)

The LogDNA Agent is a resource-efficient log collection client that ingests log files for LogDNA. Refer to our Release Notes for information about the latest releases.

About the LogDNA Agent v2

The LogDNA Agent v2 is written in Rust, and uses the Linux kernel to monitor the log files and directories for changes, rather than having to poll these files constantly. This implementation frees up CPU utilization and improves stability.

Supported Platforms and OSes

For more information, refer to the LogDNA Agent Support Matrix.

  • Kubernetes version 1.9 or later
  • OpenShift version 4.5 or later
  • Linux (multiple distros)

For more detailed information about the LogDNA Agent v2, refer to the documentation in our public GitHub repository.


Quick installation

For a quick installation, without cloning the GitHub repo, you can run three simple commands in your terminal to create a logdna-agent namespace with your ingestion key and then deploy the LogDNA Agent DaemonSet to your cluster.

kubectl apply -f https://assets.logdna.com/clients/agent-namespace.yaml
kubectl create secret generic logdna-agent-key -n logdna-agent --from-literal=logdna-agent-key=<your ingestion key> # this is your unique Ingestion Key
kubectl apply -f https://assets.logdna.com/clients/agent-resources.yaml


All releases available in GitHub

Note that the /main branch on our public repo contains our current working content (i.e. the latest, pre-release development source). Use GitHub releases to obtain the specific GA and Beta releases.

Managing Deployments

Building the Agent Image

Configuration Options