Manage Organizations

Learn how to create and administer Organizations in LogDNA.

An Organization is an independent workspace containing its own users, logs, billing plan, and other LogDNA resources. It is essentially a workspace that you can ship logs to, access, and configure separately from other workspaces. This documentation page will show you how to create, manage, and use Organizations in the LogDNA web application.


When you create your LogDNA account, LogDNA automatically creates and assigns you to a new Organization. This Organization comes with a 14-day trial and an auto-generated ingestion key, which you can use to send in logs.

While you can be a member of multiple Organizations, you can only view one Organization at a time. You can view the active Organization in the LogDNA web app by looking in the bottom-left corner of the screen:

Clicking on the organization name opens the Organization menu, where you can switch between the Organizations that you’re a member of, create or leave an Organization, and view your Organization’s plan usage.

Creating or Joining an Organization

LogDNA allows you to join multiple Organizations.

Creating an Organization

To create a new Organization, open the Organization menu and select Join/Leave Organization. This shows you a list of Organizations that you’re a member of. Select Create a New Organization to open the “Create your organization” screen, where you can enter a name for the Organization. Note that creating an Organization automatically makes you the owner of the Organization (you can learn more about Organization roles in the RBAC (Role Based Access Control) documentation.

Joining an Existing Organization

Organization owners can invite users to join an Organization, or make the Organization discoverable to certain users. If you have received an invitation, or if you have access to join a discoverable Organization, you can do so by opening the Organization menu and selecting Join/Leave Organization.

Managing an Organization

As an Organization owner or admin, you have the ability to modify the Organization. This section explains how to change details about your Organization.

To start, open the Settings menu in the LogDNA web app and select Organization > General.

Note: You need to be the Organization owner in order to access this page.

Changing the Organization Name

Changing the Organization name updates the display name of the Organization in LogDNA for all members. To change the name, select Change Name. Enter the new name, then select Save.

Changing the Organization Owner

Changing the Organization owner passes ownership of the Organization to a different member. Once you do this, you will no longer have the ability to make changes such as changing the Organization name or deleting the Organization.

To change the owner, select Change Owner. In the drop-down list that appears, choose the member that you want to make the new owner, then click Make Owner to confirm.

Managing Keys

API keys (Ingestion Keys and Service Keys) are used to connect LogDNA to third-party applications and services, for ingesting log files and for API calls.

Learn more about API keys here.

Whitelisting Domains

Certain LogDNA features require you to whitelist the domain(s) that you are using them on in order to connect them to LogDNA. The process for doing so is detailed below.


Certain LogDNA features such as client-side logging allow you to connect your own websites and web applications to LogDNA. However, because these features make requests to LogDNA’s servers, browsers will automatically block them due to cross-origin resource sharing (CORS). In order for these features to work, the HTTP response that LogDNA sends to your website must include your domain(s) in the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header. Adding your domain to the whitelist will accomplish this.

For example, let’s say you have a website at and added an embedded view. When a user loads your website, the embedded view requests log data from LogDNA. Normally, the user’s browser will block this request because the domain it originated from ( is different than the target domain ( Once you add to LogDNA’s domain whitelist, LogDNA will allow cross-origin requests from, and the user’s browser will allow the request to complete.

Adding and Removing Domains

To add a domain, first go to Settings > Organization > Whitelist Domains. From there, type the full domain into the Enter a domain box, then click Add Domain. If you are using HTTPS, prepend the domain name with “https://”. To remove a domain, click the “x” next to the domain name that you want to remove. Note that this will go into effect immediately.

Switching Between Organizations

If you are a member of multiple Organizations, you can switch between them in the LogDNA web app. Only one Organization can be viewable at a time.

The selected Organization is shown in the bottom-left corner of the app. Click on the Organization name to open the Organization menu, then click on the name of the Organization that you want to switch to. The web app will refresh and bring you to the Organization’s log view.

Setting a Default Organization

For user with access to multiple organizations (accounts) you can specify the organization to open when when you log in to LogDNA.

  1. To set your default organization, click the upward arrow icon in the lower left of the application UI, beside the name of the organization you are currently in.
    The list of all organizations that you have access to appears.
  2. Scroll up to the name of the organization that you want as your default, and hover your cursor over the name.
  3. When a checkmark icon appears beside the name, click the arrow.

Deleting an Organization

Deleting an Organization will purge the Organization from LogDNA. This includes the Organization’s logs, billing data, and customizations. This is only available for administrators.

Important: This action cannot be reverted. Make sure you really want to delete your Organization before continuing.

To delete an Organization, switch to the Organization in the LogDNA web app. Navigate to Settings > Organization > General page, then scroll down to Deactivate Account. Click Deactivate This Account. LogDNA will prompt you to reenter your account ID for confirmation: