Deployment Framework Integrations

In order to easily enable viewing relevant deployment information inside the web app, LogDNA integrates with existing popular deployment frameworks. At the time of writing, we currently support Salt (aka Saltstack), but additional deployment framework integrations are planned.


The LogDNA Salt deployment integration listens for your salt state events and sends the relevant event information to LogDNA.

Setup instructions

  1. Install the LogDNA salt engine on your salt master with:
sudo mkdir -p /var/cache/salt/master/extmods/engines/
sudo wget -O /var/cache/salt/master/extmods/engines/
  1. Add the custom extension modules directory to your salt master configuration:
     - /var/cache/salt/master/extmods
  1. Specify your LogDNA Ingestion Key inside the engines section of your salt master configuration:
     - logdna:
         ingestion_key: YOUR-INGESTION-KEY-HERE
  1. Restart salt-master with:
sudo service salt-master restart

Viewing salt states

If you select the Salt app inside the All Apps filter menu, you can see the states applied across all your hosts. Filtering by a specific source, will only show salt states applied to that particular host. As an aside, we do our best to format your salt states to look as pretty as possible.