Store and Show Raw Lines

LogDNA parses log lines we receive from various sources to surface the content of log lines so your account isn’t charged for retaining the entirety of bulky log line formats. However there are cases where you would like to receive the raw line in its entirety, including the original format. For those cases, you can enable saving and viewing raw lines for your account.


  • The option to store and show raw log lines is only available to Owners and Admins of the organization. The toggle to turn this selection on and off will not be visible to other roles.
  • In some cases we may be retaining more data in your account and your storage costs may increase accordingly. Most accounts will only see a minor increase in storage costs, but certain log formats will increase costs more than others.

How to enable storing and viewing raw lines

First, click into your General Organization configuration page.

Next, you can toggle the button next to “Store and Show Raw Line”.

Raw lines will only be stored from the moment you toggle on the feature, and the toggle will not work retroactively. It’ll take around 5 minutes for raw lines to begin to be stored. This feature will be off by default.

Cost Increases

Choosing to save the original raw line may lead to slightly increased storage usage and costs for your account. Github and Akamai as log sources tend to be more verbose in the raw form and are anticipated to lead to greater cost increases. Other log sources that have large raw payloads would also generally result in increased costs.