Vector, a lightweight and ultra-fast tool for sending observability data to LogDNA

LogDNA offers a Vector output sink to send your Vector-collected log data to LogDNA. This document explains how to configure and setup the Vector logdna sink.

  1. Install Vector:

    curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh

    Or install via your preferred method.

  2. Update your vector.toml configuration file (the location may vary depending on your installation method):

    data_dir = "/var/lib/vector"
      type = "file"
      include = ["/path/to/my/logs/*.log"]
      ignore_older = 86400
      start_at_beginning = false
      oldest_first = false
      type = "logdna"
      inputs = ["in"]
      api_key = "${LOGDNA_INGESTION_KEY}"
      hostname = "${HOST}"
      default_app = "my-app"
      healthcheck = true
  3. Start Vector:

    vector --config vector.toml

For more information on Vector: