This page will help you get started with Usage API.

LogDNA API provides endpoints for retrieving aggregated usage information for applications, hosts and tags during a time period. Read the sections below to learn about each, and determine which is appropriate for your use case.

Make sure that you generate a service key before attempting to access usage information. Follow the steps here to create one if needed. This service key is associated with your organization and will be used for authentication purposes.


HTTP Basic authentication is used for both versions of the Usage API. To follow the expected scheme, a service key should be passed in as the username and the password should be left empty (cURL examples are provided in the reference guides).

How is Usage defined?

This API defines usage as a percentage of the total number of lines ingested by the account within the defined period of time. For example, an app called myapp that returns a percentage of 15 in the response object has 15 percent of their logs coming from myapp.